At TOGETHER we know strong couple relationships and stable finances provide a foundation for the well-being of individuals, families, and communities.

The goal of TOGETHER is to promote healthy family relationships, personal well-being, effective parenting, and employment and financial stability in our communities. The TOGETHER program provides a safe place for couples that want to improve their communication and problem solving skills, reduce their stress, and  handle their finances successfully and that may also need services for their families and employment support for themselves.  We believe that by working together, couples can build long-lasting changes in their families.

We offer:

Relationship and Financial Education Workshop

Couples learn about:
• Communication and Conflict Management
• Stress Management
• Problem-Solving
• Money Management

Workshop Format:
• 6 meetings (2 ½ hours each)
• 6 to 10 couples per group
• Weeknights or weekends
• Led by experienced couple expert and financial expert

Case Management

• One-on-one meetings with a designated case manager
• Assessment of family needs for services
• Connecting couples to community resources for needed services

Employment and Career Services


• Referrals for participants with employment/career needs to agencies that offer:
• Assessment of employment/career needs
• Job-related education and training
• Career coaching and job search assistance

Other Benefits

• Incentives (gift cards) for completion of surveys and attendance
• Childcare support available to eligible participants for workshop attendance

All services are free of charge