Facilitator Spotlight

Meet Robin Brannan, one of TOGETHER’s couples experts!

Robin Brannan is a Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist and the Director of Better Together Family Therapy in Kensington, Maryland. She has been helping couples, families, and children to grow and thrive in the DC area for nearly 20 years. She joined the staff of the Together Program because she believes that a strong foundation in relationship skills and stress management can prevent future crises in marriages and in families. She loves the accessibility of this program for families of all income levels and cultural back grounds and enjoys connecting with each couple she meets in the work shops.

Tip of the Month: Be More Curious!

“Couples should always be curious about what it’s like to be in their partner’s shoes. I believe it is important to ask questions to gain understanding and never to prove a point.”

Robin Brannan, LMFT